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                                                                                                         Photo by Sandy Chase
Yoshi Amao                                                                                                         
An actor, sword fighter, fighting choreographer and emcee from Nara, Japan. He moved to New York in 1990.

After studying under the samurai master, Tahei Waki, Yoshi formed a unique performance group, Samurai Sword Soul  (SSS) in 2003. He has been seeking for the spirit of samurai and ultimate sword fighting, and performing all over the world.

Following the group’s success, Yoshi obtained the title character for the TV series, Samurai Sportsman, on Outdoor Life Network. He was also invited as a guest of Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC. Theatre credits include the leading role of Rogue and co-choreographer in Deadly She-Wolf, Assassin at             Armageddon!, which was highly acclaimed by New York Times. 

  While he has been devoting himself to samurai performances, he has been hosting     a lot of shows and events such as Japanese game show, Big in Japan, which               played in several European countries, and Japanizi Going Going Gong! had  been     aired on Disney XD Channel all over the world. He has been hosting Cherry               Blossom Festivals in New York and Washington DC over 10 years.  


       Height: 5'9"   Weight: 154LB   Suit: 36S   Shirt: 15/31
       Waist: 30      Inseam:30           Shoe: 9     Hair: Black   Eyes: Black

Karate(Black Belt 4th Degree), Samurai Sword Fighting(Tate), Stage combat Choreography, Improvisation, Emcee, Comedy, Japanese Voice Over (Narration to Characters), Instructor(Sword fighting, Impro, Japanese Speech), Sports(Horse back riding, Golf, Tennis, Baseball), Hand Model




  Acting:   Gashee & Anania Acting Studio (Meisner's Technique)
HB Studio
Emily Stevens Acting Studio
Asunaro Theater
  Speech:   Geddeth Smith (English)
Sun Broadcast Academy (Japanese Narration)
  Karate:   World Seido Karate/Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura



Tahei Waki
Ken Kensei
Rome Kanda

     Kengisyu KAMUI/Tetsuro Shimaguchi  
  Mime:   New Dance Group/Chris Yeatman  
  SInging:   Tanya Crist  
  Nichibu:   Fujima Style  
                                      Photo by Sandy Chase


Yoshi Amao




Japanizi Going Going Gong          Main Host                                   Disney XD Channel

White Collar                                   Eye Patch (Chinese Gangster)  USA Network

BIG IN JAPAN                                Main Host                                  European National TV

Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon            Opening Host                             NBC TV

SAMURAI SPORTSMAN               Main (TV Series/13 Episodes)   OLN TV

Late Night w/ Conan O’Brien         Myself (Guest)                            NBC TV

Monday Night Football Promo       Samurai (Main)                           ESPN

Shinobi Girl                                    Samurai Spirit                             Hulu

MTV2 Promotion Video                 Traditional & Modern Samurai     MTV2

Today Show                                  Samurai Performer                       NBC TV

Saturday Night Live                      Waiter for Halle Berry                   NBC TV



The Beaver                                 Japanese Businessman #1           Dir. Jodie Foster

A Man Full of Days                     Good Samaritan                            Dir. Enrico Cullen

8:46                                            Ken Yoshida                                  Dir. Jennifer Azano

Ai                                                Yoshizo (Principal)                        Dir. Raffi Asdourian

A Samurai’s Story                       Genzo (Principle)                          Dir. Ittisak Eu-A.(NYFA)

Sleepy Heads                             Shun (a.k.a. Snakey Mao)            Dir. Yoshifumi Hosoya

Labor Pains                                Father (Day Player)                      Dir. Tracy Alexson

Father of Mine                            Shiro Shimura (Principal)              Dir. Aaron Mcfarlane

Sabrina                                      Businessman                                 Dir. Sydney Pollack



Deadly She-wolf Assassin         Rogue (Main)/                               La MaMa Theater

    at Armageddon                      Choreographer                             Japan Society (NY) &

                                                                                                        Mandell Theater (Philadelphia)

Utsuyo Kakuryo                          Izo Tachibana                              Theater HERE    

Gekiryu                                       Toshimitsu                                   Theater DNA

Scattered Lives (Fringe NYC)     Genji                                           The Robert Moss Theater

The Soul of Samurai                   Masayuki Sasa                            Miller Theater, Columbia Univ.

The Karaoke Show                     Angelsan                                     Project 400        

Cannibal the musical!                 Indian Chief                                Saturday Player Production

NY Nippon Republic                   Main (5 Roles)                            Jane Street 2R



NY Anime Festival                      Samurai Sword Soul                  Jacob Javits Center

Japan Day @Central Park          Samurai Sword Soul                  Japan Day Inc.

Cherry Blossom Festival 2003 Master of Ceremonies               Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Quiz Show in Atlanta                   Master of Ceremonies               TV Japan                      

Last Samurai Premier Event        Samurai Performer                    Warner Brothers

Second Generation Concert         Chorus                                      Carnegie Hall

Amateur Night                               Comedy Rapper                       Apollo Theater